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Krzysztof Marzec

Должность: CEO

Компания: DevaGroup

Страна: Poland


CEO at DevaGroup, an agency with the title of Google Premier Partner and Google Rising Star. SEO, Google Ads & Analytics Trainer. Trained the best agencies and media houses directly for Google. Author of two books, over hundreds of articles, and highly rated online courses. Lecturer at Jagiellonian University and the Tischner European University. Speaker at dozens of conferences, winning best presentation and audience awards. Founder and organizer of semKRK, barcamp gathering up to 500 participants of the SEM industry. He worked for such brands as, Neo24,,,, RMF Group and Bauer Publishing


How to Win User Hearts with Best Google Ads Copy

There is only one element that binds all quality factors in Google Ads and cannot be fully automated. Ads need human creativity and innovation. And yes, You can win with competitors not only by paying Google more but being smart and better at writing killer ads. At the presentation, Krzysztof will show You the results of his findings. Together you will build a checklist of best-performing ads.

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