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Vlad Zhovtenko

Должность: Co-Founder of Digital Advertising Data Company


Страна: Lithuania


Vlad Zhovtenko is enjoying digital marketing since 2000. He is a co-founder of digital advertising data company and author of the first book in Ukraine on digital marketing. Vlad`s expertise includes product management, sales and business development, programmatic advertising, affiliate marketing and analytics.


Optimisation in Media-Buying for SMBs: Now and in the Next Two Years

In his session Vlad will focus on the process media buying, key decisions – which should be done by humans and which by machines. He will discuss the difference between automation, machine learning and AI, and how each contributes to optimisation. The talk will also include optimisation algorithms, their providers, agendas, how they influence the end result of business and what future holds for SMBs.

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# Media-Buying
# Automation

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