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Alexander Novicov

Должность: CEO of Emotional Marketing Agency & Passionate Workshops Lecturer

Компания: IQD Agency.

Страна: UK


Alexander Novicov is the CEO of an emotional marketing agency IQD. He has been running his company for the past 10 years, having worked with brands like Pizza Express, Holland & Barrett, Stella Artois, Eurovision, Central Hotel London and other small and large organizations in Europe where he learned how to deliver results.

Alexander is passionate about building meaningful brands that go beyond profits and make a positive impact in the world. He is a frequent speaker at major events in Europe and shares his knowledge and ideas with people. He runs workshops in London on emotional storytelling and content marketing.


How to Use Emotional Marketing to Increase Sales



In this workshop you will be able to learn the importance of emotional marketing, how to differentiate using emotions, how you can create a story that includes emotions and logic. Once we have the fundamentals we will be able to go through the promotion of the brand using emotions in our content strategies. This workshop will include strategies, ideas, case studies and a framework that will be applicable to any company to execute.


Part 1: Emotional Marketing Introduction

  • What is emotional marketing
  • What is the difference between emotion and logic

Part 2: How to create an emotional story

  • The framework of a branded story
  • How to create a content strategy that contains emotions and logic
  • How to create an emotional connection between the brand and the client

Part 3: How to increase sales

  • How to use emotions to increase sales
  • Case studies
  • Exercises – creating branded stories and strategies for your companies


The main goal of the workshop is to share a framework participant can take home and execute what they learned. Successful participants will be able to increase their sales and create emotional connection between their clients.

[Целевая аудитория]

The target audience are people who work in marketing, small to medium business owners that want to increase their sales, increase loyalty. These individuals are driven, want to stand out and don’t follow the crowd.

[Технические требования]

Laptops or iPad (optional).

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