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Anders Hjorth

[Innovell, France]

Winning in Paid Search – the Way Award-Winners Do It

Anders researched the paid search industry through expert interviews and a survey of leading teams and uncovered the way they work as well as winning strategies they adopt. To win in paid search you must increasingly keep your eyes fixed on a long term goal with while automating and optimizing continuously. Anders use award-winning case studies to illustrate the 4 winning strategies he have identified.

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# Paid Search
# Search Strategy

Giedrius Morkūnas

[Focused Serve & Tandemo Sprendimai, Lithuania]

How to Apply Performance Marketing Across Every Step of the Sales Funnel

Instead looking for a silver bullet, test continuously small details across the whole customer journey. In a long run this will give you a distinct advantage over you competitors. In this session you’ll be introduced to the best Performance Marketing practices to improve your digital marketing efficiency at every step of the sales funnel: Awareness, Lead Generation, Sales and Retention.

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# Performance Marketing
# Conversion Rate Optimization

Bernard Zitzer

[Bernard Zitzer, Germany]

Owning the B2B SAAS Market – How to Become an Organic Visibility Leader

If you’re not already traffic leader of your market, you need to know what your competitors are doing right and wrong to become one! In this talk Bernard will guide you through the steps of how to first catch up with your competitors and then how to overtake them successfully. Bernard will show the steps his company took, methods they have used and processes they have established to use Google as an automated traffic machine bringing our content in front of relevant users and therefore creating not only major brand awareness but also qualified leads.

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# Competitor Analysis
# Content Strategy
# B2B Marketing

Geraint Evans

[Dr Geraint Evans, UK]

Who Are We in 2020? Exploring Differences in Our Physical and Digital Lives

In this interactive session Geraint Evans, will explore the underlying reasons why people might differ in their physical ‘real’ self – compared to your social-media life. Business leaders, marketers and digital practitioners are fighting every day to get “cut through”, maximize their increasingly stretched spend, hoping that one day their ideas will go viral. However, do they really know who they are targeting?

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# Social Media
# Target Audience
# Customer Experience

Kotryna Kurt

[Linkedist, Denmark]

Online Personal Branding: Business Influencers on The Rise

When everything is shifting towards digitalization and personalization, we see that more and more people are developing their digital brands. Only this time it is business people, marketers, entrepreneurs, investors rather than pop and movie stars. It is really important to understand the role that a professional personal brand can have on a person’s overall success. How do people build professional online brands?

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# Personal Branding
# Digital Marketing
# Social Image
# Branding

Walter Jennings

[Asia Insight Circle, Hong Kong S.A.R.]

Influencer Engagement for B2B & Corporate Reputation

Influencer relations has exploded in the past few years. Now major corporations are engaging influencers to build and expand their corporate reputation, as well as their long sales cycle B2B brands. Walter launched and led the International KOL program at Huawei globally, and now leads a program for a global private jet brand.

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# B2B Marketing
# Influencers

Elinor Cohen

[The Engagement Strategy Group, Italy]

Startup Marketing – Why It Is Not Enough to Have a Great and Innovative Idea

Being a native of the “Startup Nation” and having decades of experience working in and with Startups in almost any imaginable field, Elinor have learned that having a great idea is not enough. You can have the best idea, the most innovative approach and even no competitors (yes, this CAN happen… not often, but it can) and still your startup will fail. Why?

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# Marketing Strategy
# Startup Marketing
# Entrepreneurship

Vlad Zhovtenko

[, Lithuania]

Optimisation in Media-Buying for SMBs: Now and in the Next Two Years

In his session Vlad will focus on the process media buying, key decisions – which should be done by humans and which by machines. He will discuss the difference between automation, machine learning and AI, and how each contributes to optimisation. The talk will also include optimisation algorithms, their providers, agendas, how they influence the end result of business and what future holds for SMBs.

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# Media-Buying
# Automation

Arthur Retrou

[Dernier Cri, France]

Notifications : Just Cut the Sh*t ?

It’s ringing in your pocket!! The irresistible notification is everywhere. It’s seems like it’s here from lifetime ago and yet everybody agrees: we can’t stand it anymore! In this presentation, you will understand how to create intelligent experiences and the impacts on the interface designs of your products.

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# UX Design
# Notification

Sarah Sal


How to Use Facebook Ads to Sell Event Tickets

By giving samples, supermarkets like Mash and Costco have been able to increase sales by up to 2,000 percent, according to the Atlantic. In this session Sarah will show how she used a similar tactic to help sell tickets to their $2199 event, at an 1866% ROI.

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# Facebook Ads
# Event Marketing

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