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Jonny Ross

[Fleek Marketing, UK]

SEO – How to Climb the Google Ladder With SEO

This SEO session will see Jonny pick apart your website and shred it to pieces in a live interaction, together with other business owners.

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# Schemas
# Page Optimisation

Clo Willaerts

[Karel de Grote College in Antwerp, Belgium]

Avatars in the Metaverse: the Future of Online Events

What can we learn from 2020, the year events went online? And what does this mean for event sponsoring, lead generation and content production?

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# Online Events
# Sponsoring

Dixon Jones

[, UK]

The Move From #Strings to #Things in SEO. How Entities and Topics Are Used by Google to Drive Search.

With Google broadening its mission of organizing the world’s information beyond simple web pages, understanding how they are moving to an Entity First approach opens up new opportunities for marketers.

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# Entities
# Organic Reach
# Knowledge Graphs

Donnie SC Lygonis

[KTH Innovation, Sweden]

Succeeding as an Entrepreneur in a Post-COVID World

This session will outline the way forward for entrepreneurs and business minded people, and provide tools and mindset for succeeding in our new world.

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# Entrepreneurship
# Digitalization
# Startups

Ferdi Febianno Anggriawan

[Gojek, Indonesia]

The Death of Third Party PPC Marketing – Beyond Contextual Targeting

More and more advertisers are opting in for a more tailored approach: offering hyper contextual targeting as a part of their product offer. Will it still work in the growing dependencies for biddable media? How does it fare against wave of new media, like Tiktok or Pinterest?

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# Ads
# Pay Per Click

Kristoffer Nygaard

[deepdivr, Denmark]

Why ios14 Is a Blessing in Disguise for Social Media Marketing

Tune in for this thought-provoking talk that’ll show you the new way of optimising and measuring social media in 2021.

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# Social Media
# Attribution
# iOS

Leonetti Thomas

[APOLLO, France]

The Useful Visitor: How to Trigger Your User’s Appetite ?

Thomas Leonetti will speak about the whole concept of the “useful visitor”, launched 5 years ago and which today makes miracles!

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Marta Cwalina-Śliwińska

[Cwalina Marketing Consulting, Poland]

How to Built a Brand That Consumers Can’t Resist.

The conference talk would present the key elements of the strategy of brand building based on the research and evidence-based marketing.

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# Brand Strategy
# Case Studies

Nageela Yusuf

[Cerebriam Studio, UK]

Future Gazing: Trends in AI and Creative Video

Come and learn about the key trends that are shaping AI-enabled video production, from the advances in computer vision, to the debate around machine generated creativity.

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# Social Media
# Video
# AI

Michał Kasprzyk

[Cleverhearted Showrunners, Poland]

How Branded Podcasts Can Elevate Your Relationship With Customers

In this session, Michał will explain how to strengthen your relationship with customers during Podcasts and how to avoid failures.

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# Storytelling
# Podcasts
# Relationship Building

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