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Christoffer Bertilsson

[LinkedKurs, Norway]

How to Utilize LinkedIn Strategically to Reach Your Goals in 2021

You will learn:
• How to use LinkedIn to develop your professional network
• What you actually need to do on LinkedIn to make you interesting
• An easy way to connect with quality contacts on LinkedIn
• The right way to post updates on LinkedIn to create maximum engagement
• How to sell professionally on LinkedIn, so you build long-term relationships that lead to more loyal customers
• Our 5-step methodology for your LinkedIn success and how to use LinkedIn to create new business

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# LinkedIn
# Professional Network

Gerry White

[Rise at Seven, UK]

Page Speed in 2021

With Google rightly focusing on User experience and in particular page speed, how can you make sure your website is as fast as everyone else – a complete guide for digital marketers, not just SEOs to understand if the website is costing you more than it is earning you.

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# Google
# UX
# Page Speed

Jaroslaw Smietana

[Brief Esports and ESPOT gaming concept, Poland]

Esport, Gaming, Marketing, Business, Poland, Europe, World

We have almost 20 million players in Poland and a huge esports community. While brands are getting used to gaming, esport is still a challenge for marketers.

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# Brand Strategy
# Esports

Krzysztof Marzec

[DevaGroup, Poland]

How to Win User Hearts with Best Google Ads Copy

At the presentation, Krzysztof will show You the results of his findings. Together you will build a checklist of best-performing ads.

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# Google
# A/B Testing

Mark Asquith

[Rebel Base Media, UK]

Podcasting as Effective Content Marketing – Understanding the Listener Acquisition Flow

This session is vital for podcasters who have launched their podcast and need to increase their audience, downloads, and overall audio influence, it focuses on actionable takeaways that you can implement from the moment you leave the event and that once understood, will continue to serve your audience growth forever.

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# Content Marketing
# Podcasting

Tiziana Tini

[Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland]

Online Disabilities – When Buying Online Is More Challenging Than We Think.

New Technologies, old habits? Every brand claims to sustain diversity and to act for a change. But what are the majority of companies doing to embrace people with different abilities? Is e-commerce a land of freedom as it was supposed to be?

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# E-Commerce
# Diversity

Larry Kotch

[The Brains Marketing, UK]

Advanced B2B Psychology in Marketing

In this talk, Larry will introduce you to some very interesting B2B psychology research he’s been collecting from different fields and applying to digital marketing campaigns.

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# B2B Marketing
# Psychology

Михаил Старостин

[1Studio, Россия]

Стратегический Маркетинг: Как Удвоить Количество Лидов и Снизить Стоимость Заявки

Разработка эффективной стратегии развития бизнеса.
Подготовка подробного плана развития компании в онлайн.
Стратегия внедрения сквозной WEB-аналитики.

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# Стратегия
# Лидогенерация

Katrine Konyher

[Khora Virtual Reality, Denmark]

Augmented Reality (AR) the New Marketing Tool

In this webinar you will gain an understanding of the various AR filters functions and how they can be distributed – as well as an insight into the world of possibilities AR opens up for and which creates fun and unique campaigns where users can interact directly with a given product or brand.

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# Augmented Reality

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