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Povilas Krikščiūnas

[Hostinger International, Lithuania]

Performance Marketing With YouTube Ads

YouTube video ads are traditionally looked at as a “branding” channel. Most often, businesses write off the budget spent on “branding” as a necessary part of marketing without knowing the true effects of their campaigns. Yet, with the correct approach, YouTube video ads can be turned into a performance marketing channel with measurable results.

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# YouTube Ads
# Video Marketing
# Performance Marketing

Simon Beyer

[Ingager, Sweden]

Perspectives on Trends: Facebook and Instagram

Simon Beyer will during his energized presentation provide insights and perspectives that provide useful action points for you and your advertising in 2021.

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# Facebook
# Instagram
# Trends

Markus Kramer

[Brand Affairs AG / Cass Business School, Switzerland]

Brand Strategy Meets Digital: Differentiate or Die

Join Markus on an exploration on how brand strategy and positioning can help you to create and articulate a differentiated value proposition – and how to translate this for digital success.

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# Brand Strategy
# Positioning

Maciej Kraus

[Movens Capital / Stanford, Poland]

Become Pricing Ninja – Increase Revenue, Enhance Customer Growth and Gain in-Depth Knowledge on Competitive Dynamics

Setting a price for a product is one of the most important decisions a company can make. Find out how to do this.

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# Pricing
# Monetization

Jason Barnard

[Kalicube, France]

How to Get a Knowledge Panel without Wikipedia

In this session, you’ll discover what the stakes are for your brand, and how to get your place in Google’s Knowledge Graph, with or without Wikipedia.

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# Knowledge Graph
# Entity Based Search
# Brand

Dean Schuster

[truematter, US]

The Fundamental Anatomy of Digital Product Goals

In this talk, digital product leaders and teams will gain a more complete understanding of the power of well-conceived digital product goals, which must always:

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# Digital Products
# UX
# Goals

Sarah Sal


How to Use Facebook Ads to Sell Event Tickets

By giving samples, supermarkets like Mash and Costco have been able to increase sales by up to 2,000 percent, according to the Atlantic. In this session Sarah will show how she used a similar tactic to help sell tickets to their $2199 event, at an 1866% ROI.

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# Facebook Ads
# Event Marketing

Anuj Adhiya

[Sophya, US]

The Critical Variable for Growth You’re Not Optimizing: The Growth Lead

In this talk, Anuj will speak about:
1: Common behavioral patterns of growth leads
2: Workstyle characteristics of growth leads (strengths & cautions)
3: Strategic priorities of growth leads & their impact on the rest of the team

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# Growth
# Culture

Антон Удодов

[KURAGA Digital, Россия]

Что Такое Современная Комплексная Коммуникация с Покупателем в Интернет?

Почему «коммуникация», а не «система продаж»?
Этапы построения настоящей воронки продаж и в каком моменте все может рухнуть.

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# Коммьюнити
# Персонализация
# Воронка Продаж

Игорь Николенко

[LinkedIn Mentoring by Ihor Nikolenko , Украина]

Linkedin Как Инструмент Для Social Selling

Персональный и профессиональный бренд – зачем оно вам? Формула Inbound Marketing для любого бизнеса в 2021.
Лайфхаки для получения результата в 2021.

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# Социальные продажи
# Linkedin

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