Arnt Eriksen

Должность: Creative Strategy Director, Award-Winning Marketing Professional

Компания: Poppins Agency

Страна: UK


Arnt Eriksen is a seasoned creative strategist and an award-winning marketing professional. He started as a creative art director more than twenty years ago and has since been a creative director, chief innovation officer, and chief marketing officer for some of the largest global corporations. His vision statement is to use his knowledge, passion, and curiosity to make a positive impact on people around him. At his core, he is a creator who makes stories that sell. “Brand You Economics” is his first book.


7 Steps to Create a Legacy Brand

In this session, Arnt will talk about the 7 principles of how to build a legacy brand, his tools, the customer journey with examples on how to be successful, by focusing on the principles and not methods.

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# Brand Management

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