Harri Pasanen

Должность: Founder & Creative Director

Компания: Porpoise Marketing

Страна: Finland


Harri Pasanen is a founder and creative director of Porpoise Marketing – a value-based creative agency based in Helsinki.

During his 20 years in the business, Harri has worked for dozens of national and international clients – such as Nissan, IKEA, and Baltic Sea Action Group – in several markets including Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

In his current role, Harri helps companies and organizations become leaders in their field through value-driven marketing communication.


The Future Is Human – How to Build a Purpose Brand in a Digital World

According to studies, a brand with a strong purpose not only benefits society. It also strengthens relationships with consumers, employees, and other stakeholders. This workshop provides hands-on training through case studies, exercises, and discussions on how to build a purpose brand in a digital world and communicate its values effectively.


Part 1: Introduction to Purpose Brands

  • What Is a Purpose Brand?
  • Why Do Brands Need a Purpose?
  • What Makes a Good Purpose?

Part 2: How to Define Your Brand’s Purpose

  • How to Create a Cultural Insight?
  • How to Create a Brand Insight?
  • How Define a Key Message?

Part 3: Communication

  • How to Create a Communication Concept?
  • How Do We Evaluate the Outcome?
  • Case Studies

Part 4: Conversation


The objective of the workshop is to understand what a purpose brand is and how to communicate it effectively.

[Целевая аудитория]

People who work with brands.

[Технические требования]

Open mind.

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