Krzysztof Marzec

Должность: CEO, Lecturer

Компания: DevaGroup

Страна: Poland


Head of 300+ clients agency with 16+ years of SEM experience. One of the top Google Ads & Analytics Trainers in Poland. Selected by Google for Google Partners Academy project and Big6 project. Certified in both Google Ads and Google Analytics as an individual professional. 7+ years of experience in one of the larges sites in Poland – (Head of SEO). Lecturer at Jagiellonian University, AGH University of Science and Technology, and the Tischner European University. Speaker at dozens of conferences recently won 1st place at SEO and 1st place at SEM days at largest polish conference I love marketing. Founder and organizer of semKRK, barcamp gathering up to 500 participants of the SEM industry.


How to Use Google to Audit Your Site for SEO

Do you think the best SEO tool is only a crawler? Nothing could be further from the truth as Google and search operators are great sources of optimization ideas. In this talk, Krzysztof will show you how to use Google to answer many questions that should be asked by an SEO audit.

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# Optimization

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